Coronavirus & COVID-19 Update: March 31, 2020

Coronavirus & COVID-19 Update From Supervisor DeMayo

Many folks have expressed concern about visitors, weekenders and second homeowners coming to Sullivan County in large numbers. Let me assure the public that the state, county and town are working closely within the pervue of the law to protect both year-round residents and visitors from the spread of coronavirus and COVID-19.

On March 18, 2020, Sullivan County sent its own release on the subject to downstate leaders and news outlets. Subsequent articles appeared in major newspapers, including the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. The message includes valuable information on best practices to help stop the spread of coronavirus and CVOVID-19, to protect yourself and others.

PLEASE CLICK HERE to read the complete Sullivan County message.

I have personally been taking daily tours of the town to be sure there is no evidence of large gatherings or nonpermitted use of facilities. While some part-time residents have ventured to the area, they are occupying homes in which they have every right to occupy, and no evidence of large gatherings have been observed to date. The Town Code Officials have also been attentive to any violations.

We will continue these practices until the crisis is under control and federal, state and county restrictions and safety recommendations have been lifted. The County Sheriff’s Department has offered any assistance necessary should violations of government orders be violated.

Again, we are in this together. Please, PLEASE be attentive to the needs of your neighbors. Let’s all help each other when we can, keeping each other safe at all times. When you have the opportunity, thank those who are on the front lines, including: healthcare workers; grocery store workers; essential service workers; volunteers; EMTs; everyone carrying out essential duties in the name of the public health, safety and welfare despite their risk of contracting the virus.

Thank you, all, for your cooperation during this difficult time. Use the time wisely, to strengthen bonds and celebrate with your families and all those close to you. Use technology to keep in touch with those you love. Continue to follow all guidelines published by those in authority.

Stay home, be safe and God bless you all.

Frank DeMayo
Town of Liberty Supervisor