Please fill out your 2020 Census – It makes a difference!

As of March 31, Sullivan County shows a household self-reporting response rate of 15%, less than half the State average. The Covid-19 pandemic has taken away most opportunities for census outreach and assistance, so help is needed more than ever to get the word out. Those with internet access can go online at to complete the form; others can call in their response to 844-330-2020 or use the printed form. Every household must complete the census regardless of whether they receive an invitation or paper form in the mail. Many Sullivan households have not received a mailing, and should not wait to receive one before they respond.

For those looking for educational opportunities for their children now being home-schooled, the Census Bureau has curriculum and resources for every grade level. Share these links with your audiences, on your website or social media, and help get out the count!

A Few Facts:

• You don’t need an ID number to fill it out – they can go by the physical address of the house.

• Second homeowners do need to fill it out for their second home, but they would put zero in for the occupants if they live there less than six months out of the year.

Census 2020 - Seasonal Home Informational Flyer

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