About Town of Liberty


The Town of Liberty, in New York's beautiful Catskill Mountains, was established in 1807. Located approximately 90 miles north of New York City, Liberty has a rich history dating back to the time of the Revolutionary War. Today, with its excellent schools, outdoor recreation and its escalating business climate, the Town of Liberty is a great place to live, play and do business.

Town of Liberty - Elected Officials

Brian P. Rourke, Esq.

Brian P. Rourke, Esq.
Town Supervisor

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Dean Farrand

Dean Farrand

Brian McPhillips

Brian McPhillips

Vincent McPhillips

Vincent McPhillips

Russell Reeves

Russell Reeves

Laurie Dutcher

Laurie Dutcher
Town Clerk

Town Board
Dean Farrand - Councilman
Brian McPhillips - Councilman
Vincent McPhillips - Councilman
Russell Reeves - Councilman

Town Clerk
Laurie Dutcher - Town Clerk/Tax Collector

Town Court
Harold Bauman - Town Justice
Kirk O. Orseck - Town Justice

Highway Superintendent
Timothy Pellam

Appointed Officials
Kenneth Klein - Town Attorney
Jacob Billig - Assistant Town Attorney
David Schwalb - Health Officer
William Cogswell - Town Historian
Joanne Gerow - Dog Control Officer

Department Heads
Earl Bertsch - Director of Finance
Timothy Kelly - Data Processing and Information Systems
Deborah Shea - Sole Assessor
Tom Kehrley - Chief Water/Waste Water Treatment Plant Operator
Brian Scardefield - Parks & Recreation Director
Scott Razzano - Code Enforcement Officer

Planning Board
Lynn Dowe - Chairman
John Van Etten
Judy Siegel
Anthony Dworetsky - Alternate
Denise Birmingham
Lydia Rolle - Alternate
Branden Reeves
Tammy Wilson - Board Secretary

Zoning Board
Thomas Sprague - Chairman
Kyle Farrand - Alternate
Tracy Merklin
Donald Nichols
George Pellam
Robert Werlau - Alternate
Gene Burns
Tammy Wilson - Board Secretary

Grievance Review Board
Ena Manzi
Diane Silver
Allen Werlau

Parks & Recreation Board
Joanne McPhillips - Chairman
John Ballard
Maureen Barber
Melanie Mangan-Bendy
Linda DeWitt

Staff by Department

Supervisor's Office
Keri-Ann Poley - Confidential Secretary

Town Clerk's Office
Sara Sprague - Deputy Town Clerk
Vacant - Deputy Town Clerk P/T

Finance Office
Cheryl Gerow - Finance Director

Town Court
Denise Curry - Court Clerk/Manager
Nancy Saucier - Secretary
Lillian Rubio - Deputy Court Clerk

Building Department
Tammy Wilson - Account Clerk

Assessor's Office
Sharon McKune - Clerk

Highway Department
Dana Austin - Senior Account Clerk
Michael Fritz - Head Auto Mechanic
James Austin - H.M.E.O.
Matt Dewitt - Working Supervisor
Larry Austin - P/T Laborer
Eric Wolcott - Asst. Auto Mechanic
Robert Wilson - H.M.E.O.
Woodrow Wilson - Laborer
Ed Davis - H.M.E.O.
Steven Schroeder - H.M.E.O.
Kevin Austin - Working Supervisor
Bruce Cox - H.M.E.O.
James DeAveiro - H.M.E.O.
Nicholas Karkos - H.M.E.O.
Jonathan Benton - H.M.E.O.
Anthony Dworestsky - H.M.E.O.
Justin Busing - H.M.E.O.

Water & Sewer Department
Joan Redington - Senior Account Clerk
Thomas Kehrley - Working Supervisor
Wayne Banks - Laborer II
Edwin Hessinger - Laborer II
Damon Knack - Laborer II
Stacy Yaun - Laborer II

Parks & Recreation Department
Kathy Dworetsky - Typist
Kevin Delaney - Park Supervisor
James Guara - Assistant Recreation Director


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